Sunday, June 26, 2011

Indian Holiness Camp News

 Here are some camp pictures taken this week.The services were very good with victories won around the altar. Very good singing from Sam & Clarissa Lyons from the Faith Homes Bible School in Mitchell, SD

Very good preaching from Rev William Cawman.

Very good meals cooked by the Grillo Family.

Picture of the shade made for everyone to stand under while in the lunch line .

Everyone who came & stayed on the camp ground enjoyed all the services, good food & good fellowship.
  Tabernacle & dining room

     Children's Tabernacle .
    Inside of children's tabernacle.
      Inside of the Tabernacle.
      Inside of tabernacle.
    More cabins & campers.
  Entrance to camp.

Youth camp is coming up this coming week with Misty Taggart, Alex Bad Bear & Sam Cash as head counselors . Alex Bad Bear & Sam Cash bringing the messages in both the morning & evening services. There will be lots of activities in between the services.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Indian Holiness Camp News

Dining Hall
Spring Creek Indian Camp started on June 21, 2011. Many people gathered in to enjoy fellowship and to hear the Word of God. There were special services for adults, youth, and children.

    Today Sunday the 26th is the last day of camp and the morning service was great with good special singing from Sam & Clarissa Lyons from the Faith Homes Bible School in Mitchell, SD and good preaching from Rev William Cawman and then the morning service ended with a communion service.


Mission Compound
We have created a blog of the Spring Creek Mission to keep you informed of what we are doing. We hope you enjoy following our posts.

We want to bring you up todate on our community of Spring Creek as well as our church here. Below are some pictures taken this past week to bring everyone up to date.We had been having excellent attendance in our Sunday School with our children and young people until the summer vacation. Now we need everyone's prayer for our young people & adults as there are sundance's and  pow wow's going on now which takes many away from church & Sunday School. We have VBS coming up this next week after our Youth Camp.
So, help us pray for a good attendance in our VBS .Several of  our young people are at our Youth Camp and we're hoping they will enjoy the camp and get Spiritual help and come to know our Lord Jesus as  their Savior. We will up date again after our VBS.

                                           Spring Creek Public School

                  This is a bridge going across the Little White River to the Spring Creek School.
                                          Housing  where some of our Indian people live.
                                        Another housing where our people live.
                                               Housing again.
                                       Housing again

Please keep our community people of Spring Creek in your prayers through the summer months. Thank you!!!